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weVagari (formerly Trippin)

weVagari connects tourists with a virtual local buddy to help them travel safely and smoothly which is an  All-in-one platform where you can plan your trip and find a local buddy to customize your trip itinerary


Safety is a big concern for the female traveler and it is found that 73% of them worry about safety while traveling solo, and this figure comes down to 64% if they have traveled solo more than 10 times. Even the travel industry keeps promoting the lucrative packages and the beauty of the place without addressing the safety concerns for the females traveling to a particular country. Moreover, cultural stereotypes and discrimination can be dangerous not only for female travelers but people of color (POC) and gender-diverse communities. 


Who is it for

So far, we interviewed over 80 female solo travelers, POC, and gender diverse groups from 23 different countries to validate the problem and we iterated our solution accordingly to ensure that our platform is beneficial for them to travel safely.


Discovery from interviews

83% worry about travel safety

76% have experienced violent harassment

Our solution is WeVagari, a virtual travel platform for females, POC, and gender diverse people. The word Vagari comes from Latin, meaning "to wander".  WeVagari means- we wander around the world with freedom.


Our mission is to make the world safer and accessible for everyone so a traveler can roam around without worrying

about safety, discrimination, or cultural differences. We aim to help travelers by connecting them virtually with what we call "Buddy", who is a local person that knows the vicinity and can be trusted to help travelers and provide a safe environment. 

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Customer Journey

Customer Journey Template_Trippin App.jpg

1st iteration wireframe

Mobile wireframe

Social media platform for travel enthusiastic


1st iteration UI

Sign up & onboarding

Searching for an inspiration 

Searching for an plan

Push for tour new experience and sharing your journey

View follower's trip photos on map view

Brainstorming board

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 12.23.54 AM.png


A virtual travel platform for females, POC, and gender diverse people to travel safely.


1. Trip Planning tool 


Plan the whole trip in one platform &
Easy drag and drop your findings from anywhere.


2. Connecting guardian platform

Find your trusted travel buddy, a local person who help and guide travelers to travel safely

What buddy can do for you?


1. Safety Buddy

Plan the whole trip in one platform &Easy drag and drop your findings from anywhere.


2. Trusted buddy


 Answer any questions and doubts before and during your trip

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 18_52_59.png

3. Travel buddy


Be your in-person guide

Introduction video

Company website

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