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The project is to develop an ‘un-house’ for a split couple with a family.  Study architectural language through the development of a conceptual and formal syntax. This hybrid typology presents cultural and sociological premises to be analyzed, studied, and critiqued. As a point of departure 9 square grid/vectorial frame-space is described, then analyzed, and displaced through topological transformation. As a meta frame-space brought to the foreground, this organizational framework was displaced by processes of instability geared by programmatic constraints, inhabitation, and experience. Gradual variations were implemented to aim for a typological and structural transformation, critiquing the point of departure and its original type.

Resolve an architectural syntax departing from an individual sensibility to develop a personal architecture vocabulary in the constitution of the architectural system. A general group-site model and its emerging adjoining conditions challenged preliminary site decisions. 

The Cooper Union

Studio II

2011 Fall

Professor: Pablo Airoa, James Lowder, Katherina Kourkoul

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