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The multiplicity of Voices: Merry Christmas

End of democracy? or a new start?


This project uses the Christmas tree as a medium to reflect the multiplicity of voices about post-election. Gradually, each Christmas ornaments transform into the people's voices. Finally, the Christmas tree transforms into a collection of multiple voices then all the voices melt into one and speak of one voice, a little girl's voice about freedom of speech regardless of race, age, and gender. When her speech inflamed the crowds, everything starts burning.
The meaning of burning remains ambiguous to us. the end of democracy or the new start?


The story begins with the traditional Christmas, playing Christmas songs. Gradually, the Christmas tree is illuminated by videos of multiple voices about the current state of affairs, the election 2016. Each bauble, a spherical Christmas ornament, start reflecting people's thoughts and idea about post-election. When every bauble becomes a voice of people, the Christmas tree is finally a collection of multiple voices and starts speaking one voice of all.

Harvard University GSD

vis2481 public projection

2016 Fall

Professor: Krzystof Wodiczko

Group Project: Johae Song & Tanya Mistra

: the Eastern Façade of Gund Hall



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