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“Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana” by Michelangelo

Library Analysis



The layer of the wall creates a depth of the space. and the layer of the ornament eventually becomes part of the structure.

I explode the wall to understand the layer of the elements on the wall and the structural system. The wall is not just a structural element but a space.



The vestibule, known as the risetto, has a gigantic staircase that leads up to the reading room. The curvature of the staircase makes people feel like they flood out of the reading room. Also, people experience the release from the long and compressed threshold to the reading room.



The patterns on the floor and ceiling share a geometrical principle that governs the spatial organization and the order of the ornaments in the library. 

The Cooper Union

Studio III

2012 Fall

Professor: Setephen Rustow, David Allin, Mershia Veledar, Lydia Kalipolliti

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