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: the Ancient Greek Kalos, “beautiful, beauty”, eidos, “that which is seen: form, shape” and skope ō, “to look to. to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms.”

I built the installation “kaleidoscope” that generates arbitrary and symmetric patterns composed of multiple fragmented reflections of the viewer’s body. I used my “kaleidoscope” to create a camouflage through the mirror device of patterning, using these mirrored patterns to blend the self into infinity as an object. Thus, I transformed the subject into a set of triangular mirrors, shifting her –consciousness and orientation. This device was designed to be in motion, without a fixed point of view. In my “kaleidoscope”, the subject/viewer is reflected in the background mirror and the subject experiences the loss of subjective individuality into the endless reflections of self as an object.

The Cooper Union

Architecture Thesis

2015 Spring

Professor: David Turnbull

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