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The Inner Circle: a transformative wearable for intimate space

The Inner Circle is a gesture-operated wearable device, designed to create a space for communication, privacy, and intimacy in crowded, noisy locations. This device can be used for planned or serendipitous encounters, by groups of two or more.

The idea of an “Inner Circle” is contradictory, depending on the observer’s point of view: On the one hand, it symbolizes the intrinsic need to belong, to have a close group of people to communicate with, in an intimate manner. The choice to manifest the solution as a mobile wearable hub signifies the realization that no one can escape the crowd and noise; finding a quiet location is not an option and therefore, we need to adapt and find a solution for this need, in the midst of the crowd.
On the other hand, for someone outside that inner circle, it may seem like an exclusive group that one cannot join or be a part of. Thus, the sincere need and motivation to find some quiet amongst the crowd can be seen, at the same time, as a bold statement, a protest, and a call for a “quiet revolution”.

MIT MediaLab

Tangible Interfaces

2017 Fall

Professor: Hiroshi Ishii

Group project: Hui Yuan, Johae Song, Ruthi Aladjem, Takatoshi Yoshida, and Yiji He

Inner Circle

Inner Circle

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