Digital Piling

When the profile of a gothic column gradually turns into the foundation of its vault, it produces a coherent geometric transformation of its structural skeleton. Base on this observation, this research proposes a re-interpretation of ceramic construction by using 3d printing technique.

The project concentrates on exploring the role of additive manufacturing and the possibility of clay as individual component in catenary system. Base on the brick construction principle, the installation provides a high level ornamental attribute both on geometry variation and printing resolution, through treating the constraint of fabrication as a feedback of digital design.

Harvard University GSD

Material Practice as Research

2016 Fall

Professor: Leire Asensio Villoria

Group project: Eliza Pertikiozoglou, Johae Song, Math Cadan Whittaker, Yuan Mu

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Exhibition: Material Practice as Research:

Digital Design and Fabrication

Jan 17 - Feb 10, 2017

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